In clinic digital concierge

CS_PRN Health - In-Clinic Digital Concierge_Nov/2019

In-clinic digital concierge experience provides a platform for relevant sponsored content. Engage patient with personalized content through their journey.

Engage at Pharmacy - wait time

CS_PRN Health - Queue Management_Nov/2019

In-clinic sponsored messaging with real time queue management reduces percieved wait time. Display preventative care reminders and health tips to patients.

Engage at Pharmacy

Engage one-to-many with retailer content in pharmacy. Display seasonal retail promotions and remind customers of clinic services at scale.

Clinical Trial Messaging

Clinical trial recruitment messaging about potential treatments can be displayed to patients within a trusted environment.

Digital Concierge

In-clinic digital concierge provides patients with a convenient check in experience. A patient-facing screen can display important messaging and personlized reminders.

Digital Care Concierge

Digital care concierge provides seamless activation for condition-specific mobile applications.

Compliance Messaging

Digital displays enable pharmacies to display sponsored content addressing compliance. Patients are reminded to refill prescriptions and notified of additional health care options.